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Blingo..."Google+Social Networking+Prizes"


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Alright, so i stumbled upon this new search engine called Blingo.  It's sorta like myspace or xanga where you can add buddies.  But thats where the similarities stop.  Basically, by using the search engine, you have chances to win prizes.  By adding friends, you have an even greater chance of winning.  Say for example your friend wins a prize...well, then you also win the prize.  Vice versa too, if you win a prize, your friend wins one too.

More Info About Blingo

Blingo is powered by Google, and since TONS of us probably already use Google for searching, we dont really have much to loose if we use Blingo.

So I was thinking...with testmy.net having a ginormous amount of members, say we all signed up as 'friends' of eachother.  We would have an INSANELY huge amount of chances to win prizes.  So...if you're interested, join Blingo(link in sig).

Mods/Admins/Commanders/the 'higher' order:

Please delete this if it violates testmy.net 'procedures' (or whatever they would be called).

I'm aware it might be considered 'advertising', so delete the post if it is.

I just thought it'd be kinda cool if tons of testmy.net members joined :)

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