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DVD media's ?????????????


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Hey all ;)

What is the difference between DVD-R/DVD-RW, DVD+R/DVD+RW, DVD +R, DVD -R, DVD-RAM discs and all other types of these DVD discs. :whaa:

Please explain or provide a link to where i can obtain the answers.

Also if possible could anyone explain which of these offer the best results and which IS generally the best disc to use.

thanks :D

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thanks that helped a bit.


To put into clear terms, I would like know which is the best media type for storing videos and making copy's of dvd's (NON Copyright that is) as well as off creating back-up of my orignal dvd's.

i would like to play all these on my dvd player.

Thanks :D

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DVD-R will play on just about all DVD Players. If you are going to use duel layer all you have to do is copy them but those disk are expensive. I would use DVD Shrink and put them on a 4.7gig DVD-R disk. If you have a large HHD. Use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and when your done copying delete the files. DVD Shrink will let you edit the movie so all you have is the main movie with out the extras.

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I Agree with coknuck' but for important home videos of family try using dual layer media as it will give you perfect quality without the compression'  as for burning movies use ANYDVD and CloneDVD as those two combined work even better than DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter' as for media i recommend VERBATIM & FUJI and i would keep away from SONY even if its my favorite all around products Manufacturer but their blank media is very suspect.

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i know this may sound silly, but could you explain what dual layer means and what it means for dvd's.

YES i know, i'm a noob

dual layer is simply twice the size of a regular 4.7GB disc.lets say you have a 3 hour movie such as TITANIC and you want to make a back up of that movie' if you use a single layer 4.7Gig disk you will need to compress the 7.5GB's or so of TITANIC into a 4.7gb disc which means you have an ok quality copy of such movie' as for making a copy with a dual layer disk  which contains 8.5 Gigabytes of storage capacity you will be able to copy TITANIC with no quality loss at 100% quality of the original comparing to compressing it to 4.7GB's at about 45% compression rate.


anydvd with clonedvd will compress any dual layer disc with  satisfactory quality on a 4.7gb disc.

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