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Win98SE with comcast cable


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my son's computer is Windows 98SE, running comcast cable, with 6000/384 but his speeds are terrible on download, around 3mb.

i tried cablenut and they increased slightly, to 3.3, but it should be more than that.

i've ran trend micro virus scan, ad-aware and such, and there were some objects in ad-aware, deleted them, rebooted in safe mode, ran it again, and clean.

it's been so long since i've messed around on win98, and i don't recall what all should be showing up in the properties box for the "internet connections" from the control panel.  so was hoping someone here who has win98se installed, and hopefully comcast cable can take a look at theirs and tell me what shows up, and related settings for those items.

that would be a great help, and much appreciated!



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i have windows98SE and without cablenut i normally get bad speeds after a format.

i <3 cablenut lol

im on a 7/512 package from RR and i get about 8mb ^^

but its wierd cause im using a win5000+ cablenut setting, have you tried using settings below or above your advertised speeds?

because ive tried to make my own and i tested pretty bad

try downloading the settings below and hopefully you'll see some improvment

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d/l your file and used it in cablenut, no difference, also used higher and lowers css for cable/win98, not much difference, all tests score in the 2.9 to 3.3 mb range, with "cable_fast.css" scoring the highest.

any other suggestions?

thanxz for input though, appreciated


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sry that couldnt help, have u tried making your own personalized css? try using this site


how does the download test look when its going.. is the bar smooth or stagnant? does it ever hang up for a few seconds in the middle of the test?

i would ask you to do a trace route but im not really an expert, although it wouldnt hurt to post it in here for the experts to diagnos your problem further.

Start>run>type command to get the to cprompt and type tracert testmy.net

copy and paste the results here.

The first time i came here i had a problem with my connection and i found out it was actually a physical wire problem. The coaxil wire i was using was damaged and after hooking up a new one to the modem it worked like a charm.

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