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Need information on Testmy.net


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I'm not sure if this the best forum to post this in but I'm sure it will get moved if it's not.  I'm looking at putting together a web based discussion forum for my company and I love this site.  Could one of the site moderators let me know what hosting company is used, cost, etc.? 

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to run a discussion forum you do not need anything special - you will need the basic database/php support which most hosts offer

testmy.net is currently running SMF forum (simplemachines.org) which is easy to maintain and setup

the kind of hosting you would need for a discussion board you can get for less than $5 dollars per month, with enough storage and bandwidth

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Here is what i can tell ya..

We are currently host on a multiple dedicated boxes that are located in Texas.. What this gives us is full control of the box and what is on it.  Unlike geocities, anglefire, or another plan where you share a server with someone else.  Currently there is no space where we host, they have sold all of the rackspace that they currently own.  As far as bandwidth goes.. this is not a good site to compair too or even plan off of.. We send out so much data from the tests that it is mind boggling.  I cant really release any specifics as I dont know if CA3LE wants that sort of info out there.. But that does give you an idea what this site is based off of.

I can make a few recommendations however,

lunarpages.com <- very fast network if you are on the west coast.. dedicated services are pretty standard, hosting packages are a little above on bandwidth and do include MySQL..

cihost.com  <- Tier 1 network (fast) there support/sales staff is awesome!  not as much bandwidth as lunar

I have a few others if you are interested.. The tricky part is figuring out how much traffic you are going to need... 

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