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so not true - there are a lot of ppl on this forum that use linux - ud be surprised - linux isnt what it used to be before, thats why its attracting more and more people - its getting more colorful and fancy, and thats what most ppl like

now, big part of those people using linux do not understand how it functions and what happens behind the pretty menus and '3d desktops' - if you are using linux, i highly recommend getting to know it inside and out, i guarantee ull have more fun :)

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I have one box W/ Suse 9.2 (32bit), She runs way, more efficient than almost any MS os, once she breaks in from a new install! Very interesting that you feel lonely, I guess I understand, as most novices use Ms, as unfortunate as this is ! Just think of the possibilities as if all os were open source from the time of introduction on one for the first time. Great post!!!!!!!!!!

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i have used unbuntu and is by far the closest to windows i have see from redhat suse Linux distributions

i have also used backtrack

i don't know if any one knows the distribution of bakctrack

but its basically a network geek version of Linux, just comes loaded with networking tools including stuff to sniff wireless packages and to decrypt WEP keys


you should not use this tools to break into your neighours wireless don't do this it is illegal, you should use this tools just to make sure your wireless is secure enough

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i never had problems with windows either, but linux is just so much better it's amazng... in every aspect it's better

Linux rules, I only use it on my servers though.  Linux is better because it only does what you tell it to do!!  Like a computer should do!  :-D

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