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How to screw up a computer... and then fix it?


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Guest thecableguy

hi is there any way where i can make it so my computer does not work at all but there is a way to fix it up because im trying to fake my computer broke so i can get a new one....

Disconnect the pwr supply cable to the mobo.  That will make it as dead as it needs to be and still run a fan so it looks like its powering up......also will let the hd's spinup for added effect.

Good luck

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phil sorry havent payed attention for a while, i have 930ish mhz computer p3 with 384 sdram with 60 gig hd and i have the rate as something like 20000 and the updaterate is my fps, 30 and so is the cmdrate, thats 30........ i have money for like anything under 100 and im 13 and even if i get a job my parents dont let me spend money on what i want which is gay, they will pay for it as long as i need it, i almost got this radeon 9250 for 40 dollars pci from compusa 50% off.... im looking for another deal like that and im waiting for this 256 ram stick to show up on www.newegg.com for 30 dolllars because my ram only goes up to 512, gay!

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also phat phil i put the video type in open gl and i close the extra progs like spyware and virus when i play, also the color bit thing is in 16 bit, that severely makes it better... ive done everything its running at its best.... theres no way to make it run better unless i get a graphics card

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ya dude u dont need a new comp.. trust me i know

ive been playing cs for over 3 years and i have a ..

Pentium 3 1.1ghz celeron

320mb sdram pc100 ..

gforce fx-5200 4x agp

and i use windows 98 SE .. i get 100 fps in counter strike and im able to get 10-15 fps in counter strike source.

i forgot but.. do u have an agp slot?

look inside your computer

PCI are White .. you should have 2-4 of them

AGP is brown and will be a little shorter and will be the first slot above the PCI..

if you have AGP i suggest this card.. 60$ but worth every penny.


if you have PCI .. then get this .. it gets the job done also


for rates i use

fps_max 101

rate 25000

cl_updaterate 101

cl_cmdrate 101

i can have like 5+ smoke nades around me without dropping under 60fps

if you want to play newer games.. dont waste money upgrading this comp .. just save to buy a new one .. ya i know parents can be a pain sometimes.. take it from me especially, ive loaned my parents over 1k$ for bills and moving.. and i never got any of it back .. i guess i get it back in the shelter and food they provide.. so much for christmas graduation and birthday presents..

ne way .. try to get one of those video cards for ur comp and you should be set.. even with only 384 ram and a 1ghz cpu

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phil i already know about my comp i dont have agp and i have 2 available pci slots and im looking at the sunday paper right now i hope i find another pci card 50% off again :( i guess il just get a card....plus for ur rates u have to use that because thats ur fps i use 30 cause it makesme a lot better i get like all hs's now :D

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omfg im mad.... my computer almost broked when i just cleaned it there was soo much dust in it its not even funny... and then the moniter didnt work, the light that goes green with its on wouldnt go green and my moniter didnt work then i just reconnected it to make sure if it was broken or not and it worked! :(

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phil whats ur video options on ur CS for it to run like that i want to get an idea if its worth getting it or just waiting to get a pcie or agp or whatever i get later on... if i dont get one ill try to get like an audigy 2 zs cause i have the logitech z-2300

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