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I bet nobody can beat me on this 1 . no cheating :)

Blunted 2

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Those are excatly the ones we got for our com maintnace program at school Fattymcbluff

they got them for us from a room that had not been used since the school was built in 96 since then all the comps that broke were just piled up there

we found a 66mhz one and we actually got it to run linux

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Found my spare Seagate that goes in my Hyundai 80286 comp. Made some pics but my posting site is down right now - maybe later.  This is a trip down memory lane.

SEAGATE  ST-251-1,  5 1/4' platters, 1/2 ht., 40MB. Price in 1988 was $ 479.00 - sure hurt to buy it then. Still works - little on the slow side tho. Little heavy too.

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Here are the pics.  Hope they come out. This is my first attempt on this forum with this site.

SEAGATE  ST-251-1  40MB




Mind sharing the whoppers in that pic....I'm starved....even if they are from 1998 they will still be okay to eat!  :)

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No it's not on line.  Don't have a modem in it.  I have a few spare ones tho, I'll look them up and see if it will talk.  When I said it was slow - it's a 12MHz machine 80286,  640kB of ram and that ST-251 wasn't a barn burner.  I'll just have to see what I can do.  Let you know ,  down the road.  It's running DOS 3.11, had to put that in to be able to have a 1.44MB floppy drive - they were new back then. Good Microsoft or Logitek mouse would run you  $50 to $75 dollars.  Good Old Days -HUH !!!!!!


Tired and Retired   :haha:  :haha:  :haha:

Anybody ever fool with a Touch Screen Hewlett-Packard? Weird sucker !!!!  Ball to use.

Them Whoppers are real GOOD !!!

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