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Dist check out [snip] to see if your ip chaned.  (EDIT by CA3LE ::: just go to http://www.testmy.net/tools/toolbox.php -- no spyware and pop-up crap like the link you provided...)

most cable provides will give you the same ip address again even if you power cycle your cable modem. ive found that if you unplug it and leave it off for atleast 12hrs then it will give you a new ip.

edit: link modification - CA3LE

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if you change your mac address (with alot of ISP's) your IP will change... but I am pretty sure you can just call your ISP and request this... tell them this... "I accidently posted my IP in a forum online, and I am afraid that someone might try and hack me or something."  -- when speaking with tech support on the phone, if you play dumb they are more likely to help you with something like that.... .... sad but true :(

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Guest thecableguy

know how to change ip's if ur using cable internet?

Very very easy and works 100% of the time if you have a router.  Assuming of course you have a router, enable MAC ADDRESS CLONING on the router.   Enter a MAC address of your choice (within reason) and then save and reboot both router then modem.  Once your modem is reset you will pull a new IP address.  Good luck....btw you can do that as often as you like....most ISP's won't freak about this...they still know who you are.

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