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Gig card?


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Hi I am wondering I made a thread some about this awhile back but can't find it anywere lol I searched etc. Anyway I am wondering if having a gig nic would make my net performance any better? I mean I know if shouldn't make the net faster or some say but I mean like will it load faster or have better pings or anything? Also I am also needing help with one other thing, see I have a gig nic and a 100mb nic on motherboard I have the 1gig net running to the network and the 100mbs one hooked to my modem and I am sharing the net connection since my router was crap lol. But anyway when ever I try to put the modem line in the gig nic and the network in 100mbs it won't work says not connected? I would like to have it other way maybe? But someone said maybe the 100mbs is the default or something and that maybe why can you change that?

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gigabit ethernet would only help you if everything on your lan was gigabit ready, ie nic's, router, switches. It would not help as far as wan would be concerned because you are still limited by the cap of your isp. Like richcornucopia said your modem might be having a hard time with gig speeds. Try setting your nic to autosense or 100 mbps. Are both of your cards getting ip's by DHCP or manually set up?

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