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HELP ME PLEASE !!! Got new case and motherboard


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hello all, been awhile i got a problem and its Pi**ing me off here. i got a new computer case like 2 months ago and put my old stuff in the new one, which i did wrong :/ and i think i messed up my motherboard so i ordered a new cheapo one to put in there, now i set everything up the way it should be,(best of my knowledge)(with manual help). well when i first started it up the bios came up or whatever pretty sure i just put run default setting or something. pc restarted and now nothing is coming up on my screen it says monitor working check cables blah blah blah, so after this happened i checked to see what it could be i read you should reformat your harddrive before adding a new motherboard cause of the drivers and stuff can cause problems or something. i mean i am lost here this is the same thing that happened with my first mother board. and i am stupid when it comes to this kinda stuff, if you can help me please do if u need more information to help me let me know, i just want my pc back :(

My gut feeling in this is that you have a floating ground you shouldn't have.  Go back and remove the motherboard and install mylar spacers on each of the mounting posts and then reinstall your motherboard and see if your problem goes away.

Also make sure you have your config jumpers on the motherboard itself are set correctly (yes...some mobos still have em where you manually have to set clock, vcc etc).

And last but not least...configure a minimal system....use the onboard video only (if the board has it), no other devices connected ) this includes floppy and hard drives....remember...you want to see it boot first and be able to get into cmos...once you do this connect everything one device at a time.

Also....make sure your IDE connectors are not reversed....a single improper IDE connection will lock you down exactly as described....and one last thing....you have changed mobos....did you consider that the memory you had in the old mobo is not compatible with your new mobo?

If the first bank of ram in your mobo is not functioning correctly you will get no post, no beeps, no nadda.....it will just sit there and look stuuupid at you.

Good luck....

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