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Motorola 900 subscriber modules mounting on metal rooftops


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here is my letter to xplornet and motorola support

I currently have the 900 subscriber module mounted on a metal roof of the shop and want to know if there is any distance up or installation issues in mounting on a reflective surface? I am about to cover the roof where the module is aiming  with plywood to see if this would make a difference in the speed issues I am having, as the computer / computers are clean and free of spy ware or viruses as well as any other programs that are using up bandwidth. Last week the installers came out and tested the system and found no problem with the signal and after I requested a speed test from there system I see the same results. I am beginning to wonder if the tower that you are selling internet from just is not capable of supporting bandwidth above 1.5 Mbps down and 60 Kbps up. My question is does this tower have this capability of supporting the bandwidth I am paying for as well as my office or employer who has also purchased 2 of the same packages from xplornet aimed at the same tower? I have received the speed document 3 times before today and used all of the links provided to realize that the computers I have here are clean, and I have 1 ip camera that I can turn off anytime to run speed tests or to run security checks. Also I have at my employment the suggestion that we would install ip cameras on the property for security. There is at the moment, the idea that this is not possible as they require a certain amount of bandwidth that may not be available. Also another question comes to mind about the next size module up from the 900 MHz which is the 2.4 and why when you can see the tower from 2 or even 7 miles can they not find the tower. The installers come out and hold it in there hands aiming at the tower and say it won

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