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Really FAR internet?


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I just had a :idea: If someone had 2 ham radios, since you are (if you have a license) allowed to transmit signals across the world, you could hook one radio to your modem and another to your laptop... and there you go, world-wide wireless internet... true, some people might steal it if they realize it is a modem connection and they somehow got your IP (and turned off DHCP) but do you guys think this would be possible?

EDIT: Yeah 100th post Sr. Member now :D

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What would be the bandwidth capacity for Internet Ham Radio? I believe it would be on the level of a dial-up connection. And how could it possibly be World Wide? As radio signals travel they do not curve with the earth. so they dissipate into "Line of Sight" which meant if I broadcast from Chicago, You won't get it from Japan. Without the assistance of A satellite. or hundreds of repeaters around the world....... Think about it.....

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I'm guessing he's talking about shortwave. Shortwave on Wikipedia. I don't know much about it, but I do know you can recieve signals from all around the world with a Shortwave radio.

Shortwave frequencies are capable of reaching the other side of the planet because they can be refracted by the ionosphere. The selection of a frequency to use to reach a target area depends on several factors:
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