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Finally Vista Requirements anounced for hardware providors..


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For desktop systems, Intel recommends, at the very least, a Pentium 4 630 CPU, which is a 3 GHz single-core model with hyperthreading, 2 MB of L2 cache, and 800 MHz system bus

Yeah there is going to need to be some power behind your system..

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Is it going to make a difference playing new age games on it compared to XP (pro) ? graphics? loading time? anything in basical generalness of playing games.

for instance Doom 3 & F.E.A.R

Who knows, maybe the makers of those games will release a vista patch to make them run better as they were originally coded for xp and older versions of windows and weren't made for vista. Of course when new games will be optimized for vista when it comes out.

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I still believe the release of Vista is going to shatter alot of peoples dreams i think Vista will not be as big of a success as many people think. I think you are going to see large numbers of users clinging onto XP for some time.

I for one will hold on to Xp since vista seems to b nothing but eye candy and im not big on graphics

Xp seems to run ok for me for the most part

Im actually more willing to try linux than vista right about now

My comp can berely do xp it just wont do vista


1.2 ghz Intel celeron proccesor

256 meg of ram (i upgrade from 128 like 2 weeks ago lol )

90 gigs on 2 hard drives one 10 one 80

onbord video (it does the job)

Onbord sound ( again it does the job)

crappy moniter anyway

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I second that to Linux.        Linux > Vista

how can you ask? because linux is more FUN and its actaully a challenge to play with, unlike Vista, where their OS's keep going the route of getting easier and easier for home users to use. I installed Linux on one of the computers in my networking class and its really fun to play around on

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I've been using linux for over 10 years now, and for the most part use it more than windows anyway, and i'd have to say short of gaming linux will do anything windows will, and just as good if not better. If linux gets better gaming support i think M$ will really have alot to worry about. Let's face it Linux is free for the most part compared to windows where it's all about making $$$$, and a big fat profit. The real sad thing is this they are going to be releasing Vista soon which is fine i guess, but they really haven't ever truly got things right with XP yet. So basiclly you have people who have dished out hard earned $$$$ for XP which they have not even gotten correct yet on the codind side or any side for that matter, and they are going to release on new windows OS? It makes many people including myself think wtf are they doing correct the current product before you release a new one altogether. If M$ was about customer service they would invest the time needed to make XP everything it could be, and wait a few more years to even worry about Vista, but again it's not about the customer it's about making certain peoples pockets bigger.

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Your GPU is going to be the real deciding factor here if you want the 3D bells, and whistles of Areo Glass, but so far your specs look more than sufficient. I still think making an OS that forces mass amounts of people to either upgrade their computer, or buy a new one altogether is complete, and total bullsh*t. They should be ashamed of themsleves, but hey it's a conspircy anyway for computer manufactures, and m$ to make sh*t loads of extra cash.

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hey man, i forgot to mention, i am installing Red Hat 9 on my old HP as we speak :-)  :lol:  :cool:

We cool? hahaha

I got a ATI Radeon x300 on this baby, with 128 mb dedicated vid ram...

i think that'll get me by.. :-)  ;)

And, yes, you're completely correct, Vista does need a real powerful GPU, i have already used Vista on an old AMD Duron 910 MHz with 128 MB of ram and on-board video..

and it ran like crap.

lol  :haha:

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am i not mistaken, i hear there are going to be 5 different styles of Vista you can buy. basically at a time, there was two types of XP,  Home, and PRO.

i cant imagine that vista is going to have 5 and let alone i wonder how much each one is going to cost....   

whats next? Microsoft Ragnarok? Cost of your soul and a few bucks?

wait i ment few thousand bucks....


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I know i seem to be ranting about M$, and the upcoming release of Vista, but seriously do we really need this many versions??????

Windows Vista Starter

Windows Vista Home Basic

Windows Vista Home Premium

Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Business

Then to top that off if i'm not mistaken each version listed above will have a 32bit, and 64bit version. Then you top it off with the absurd system requirments to run the damn thing. (LOOOOL) What a big joke this is. I'd say over 70% of all computer owners are gonna have to either upgrade their current PC (IF THEY CAN), or buy a new one altogether just to run this bloated eye candy.

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