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I have added three new themes to the theme selector (look in the main menu if you haven't already noticed where it's at)

I have been wanting to add some darker themes since I redesigned the site back on Feb 14th.  There are more themes to come.  If any of you have ideas for color schemes you would like to see here please post in this thread and ya never know... it may just become part of the site.

New Themes are

"Dark Blue"

"Purple Darkness" (per request... see, I listen to your suggestions ;-))

"Dark Blood Red"

I made a couple of other minor changes to all themes too.  Hope you all enjoy the new stuff to play with.

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I like the Dark  Red and the Dark Purple. Don't know which is better. I like them both. So I will rotate day by day.

That actually gives me an idea... I think I might make an option later on where you can chose to have it change to a random theme each day :-P ---

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That would be nice.

Could you make it so the user can add the colors they want?

Can you make one that is Dark Green?

I could, but not with the way it's designed right now.  It's designed around images controling the overall theme.  But yes, I can make a dark green theme... I will add it to my to-do list... look out for it over the next week or so ;-)

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good stuff, good stuff...i like this one

Classic YaBB SE Theme

seems im the only one using it :) its very easy on teh eyes

one thing damon...some of the themes are messed up - the user info box that is up top is colored black, you cant read anything....it must be overlap of some theme file or something...

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