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So my girlfriend is staying the night tomorrow night and bringing over her computer, she said there are tons of error messages and ridiculous things going on, so if anyone is going to be free tomorrow eveningish/night, im sure ill have many questions to ask on how to get ride of some of the problems. Anyone out there going to have some time on their hands to help incase i need it? Im sure she has it destroyed to the max.

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What time? You have the thread, now let us make a hero out of you. :downtown:

hahaha..  yeah most of us will be around on AIM tomorrow day/night.. 

Before you start posting.. make sure you update the antivirus, spyware, and windows.. throw it into safe mode.. and run an ad ware scan and virus scan.. once that is done.. it will be easier to fix!

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SO... i basically repaired everything... ive done like all i seriously can and the machine is still slow, but i dont think there is anything else i can do... it only has 128 MB ram and of course its a dell Celeron 2.00 GHz but im more then sure half the reason is because it only has 128 mb of ram, ive deleted all spyware and viruses, i used tune up utilities 2006 and fixed everything. Like i said, i have done everything i can and it still is pretty slow, but im blaming that on the laptop specs. Unless anyone else has ideas on other things i could do?

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