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Verizon Hawaii sucks!


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I couldn't wait for broadband to come to my rural area and Verizon arrived here last January.  I grabbed it and at first it was awesome!  But . . . in the past year there had veen 5 or 6 outages of from 2 to 5 days.  Tech support makes no sense at all and every time they have said it is my computer and then I get a call from a local rep who admits it is Verizon experiencing the outage.  They take forever to fix it and this last time was the worst.  Even the tech who came out to check mylines said her Verizon service is horrible!  And they make her go through all the checks even though she is one of their service people and has already done it.  It was finally fixed only to go out again 2 days later!  They never admit it is them. 

I have had it and  the only other choice is RoadRunner which I have signed up for and can't wait for the installation.  But I see by the reviews that it is bad too.  Sales says they don't experience outages, but I somehow don't believe it.  At least mny slow dial-up was dependable.  I think it was only out a few times in the 5 years I had it.

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Yup, first thing they say is that its you. Then they tell u to reboot your computer, then modem. Ive been through this so many times that i know it by heart. Then after that they ask you to clear cache, etc., etc. i wont post it up here. If they tell you its your fault, and insist on it, then ask to speak to a manager or tell them to transfer you to presidential appeals. Those guys actually try to do something instead of reading from the book or whatever.

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I lived in Nome Alaska for a while and had cable modem, it was nice and quick but since it is in the bush with no roads in or out the broadband was sent directly out on satelite, so I had a slight lag (Socom PS2) and alot of outages especially with the blizzards. Maybe you are getting some of the same,.

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