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Audacity (once again) would work well, and is free.

I took a sample from a talk show (cuz I couldn't think of any other audio to legally to post here) and used Audacity to record, edit and insert the bleep tones.

Actually it was quite easy.

It is Ellen and Rebecca Romijn talking about their "bleeps".

(don't give me crap about The Ellen Show, I stopped because I saw Rebecca Romijn: I like her bleeps  :lol:)

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i never said what i was using bittorrent for...lol...i never mentioned non-legit software any where in there, though that's what it seems like to you guys

sorry, stupid me  :x

You don't outright say it, but it was obviously implied...

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Been there, and I would have to say it is the most beautiful island I have ever been to. I remember climbing Ocho Rios waterfalls, as far as I could, wondering how the natives do it so fast. The overprised gas was $5+, a hamburger was $5with cheese was $5.50. And the religious dudes with unwashed green hair(yuck). And everybody either wants to sell you Gunja, or to have you bring back a plane or a boat to help ship some back home. And the nudie beaches(ah), I was on my first honeymoon so I had to pretend not to look(right), and the water was so clear you could everything at the bottom like you were looking through glass.

And my one frightful experience where I was swimming at the bottom of the water too close when the sand shifted with a cloud and up came this sting ray about a(10') really 1', but anyway I believe I came straight out of that water.I got to see a native mow the lawn with a sharp machette (and you would have sworn it was done with a lawn mower, except cleaner.

Bought some hand carved heads, some fresh pineapple and coconut(nothing like back home(it was fresh and vine ripened and undescribably delicious).

They drive so bad that they every major city that I have been in looks tame in comparison.

We had to go through a police drivers liscence checkpoint(your drivers licence sucks too(it is a damned book)and there were armed officers everywhere checking.Something about a revolution about 2 weeks prior. 1 week I will never forget the rest of my life. We stayed at a mission. It rained every night and the local flowers were in bloom every morning.

Yeah, it was great!  :D

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