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Who's Baldy ?


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Hmm, is it the bald chick who worshipped V Ger in Star Trek The Motion Picture? LOL

Not Nattalie Portman who recently buzzed her head...

Maybe a Dixie Chick (They suck, so I hope they all shave their heads).....

Good one cholla.

edit: After looking at Dixie Chick photo's, it could be one of them.....dern bald women all look alike :haha:

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Guest helloimtim

THATS MY MOM!!!!!!!!!!    :haha:  Lets se my guess in no certian order are this

1. Its cholla ??

2. David Leterman in drag.

3. My Real mom

4. Bill Clintons new intern

5. The one who know where sadam hid the wmd.

So Was I close and what did I win??

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