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Someone help me dicypher what this means!!


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well, we just got over an argument, and she was contemplating forgiving me for something (lol)...soo...it probably means something like she loves me again or has forgiven me...lol...i'll ask her in a bit (she goes to bed early lol..) what it means...thanks guys...

hey, and Fallow, that one threesome smiley reminded me of my spraypaint on CS...i probably shouldn't post it publically, but if you want i can pm it to you ;-)

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okay, well, she sent me a message bout 30 minutes ago telling me that she was just so happy that she could actually talk to me, unlike previous b/fs, and she says that she loves me and that she doesn't want to fight with me...lol

im happy again :-) lol

never did figure out what that meant, though!  ;)

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