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CD Covers Printing


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hey  :D

is there any websites where u can resize dvd and cd covers so that they actally fit the cases.

i have tried COVER XP but i usually print covers at school on the colour printer, and so the school does not allow any software to be downloaded onto their computers - therefore i can't use COVER XP at school.

are there any websites that provide u with covers that are the perfect size for DVD/CD cases or help to resize them without downloading any software.



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I use Nero Cover Designer. I go to Amazon and get the picture and save it. Then I use Nero to set (pick the right case) then print. In elements make sure you un check all except cover. Hope this is what you are lookig for. You can do a lot with Cover Designer just play with all the buttons.

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i know how to resize it and print it out at home. but i want it printing out at school.

is there any way i can do that with using softwares online without downloading them. or if possible make the cd/dvd cover at home - save it on floppy disk/usb memo stick and take it 2 school and then print it, but i guess i will probely need  the software i used to make the cover to print it.

also coknuck what u have said i don't really understand, could u clear it a bit please.


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