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system upgrade. cheap.

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well, did the deed. did the deed good.

took my old dell optiplex gx110, thats a 128 meg 128mb p3 with intel 810e onboard graphics.

thing wasn't really worth spending a bunch of loot on, so i popped over  to the local costco, snagged me a 7200rpm maxtor 250gig drive with included ata133/sata150 pci card, and presto. besides now having ornery amounts of space on the sucker, congratulations, you just became my networks fileserver..., i gained about 20 to 30 percent of felt performance. thing is just crisper. faster swapping etc. at least compared o the old quantum fireball 6 gig it had. ;)

just wanted to share a simple single item upgrade at low cost with good results. comments welcome. flames to devnull.

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Welcome to the forum  :D, nice upgrade sounds good. And BTW you dont have to worry to much about "Flames" here :haha: Mostly good people here and this one Troll looking guy hes a hard ass but he has a heart of gold. :haha:

Now I'm not sure whether to kick you in the face or just click the smite linky. Either way, it's gonna hurt. :twisted:

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sounds like a good deal resopalrabotnick :)

I currently run a webserver on my pc, but i was thinking or running a standalone pc instead. I have a old AMD K6 333 Mhz and 48 MB of RAM and 4 GB HD.

If i change HD to a 40 GB 7200 rpm and add some RAM i think it will be fine. I will see how much RAM thats fit on mobo, i figure i need atleast 128 MB to run XP and webserver.

good thing about these slow pc, its very silent and dont generate much heat  :D

VanBuren :)

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actually silence is an issue, since the hdd led on the case couldn't care less if there's activity on the new controller, and as far as i could tell it doesnt have leads for it, although i could do the unthinkable and actually take a look at the .doc's to check. in any case, the drive is too damnably quiet to monitor it's activity aurally.

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