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I have a Linksys WRT54GS. Is there a way to determine when someone is


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Try these NetStumbler tool should do the trick to find most within the spec limits of your receive antenna of course: ;)




Useful info abvout the app:



Have fun and bust the neighbors if they are leeching your signal for free surfing ect..  :o:lol:



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I figured out how to do this (on a linksys anyway)! Open the router>Status>Local Network>There is a tab in the lower center of the window "DHCP Clients Table" which will open an "Active Clients page"!  Lots of tabs and sub tabs when you open these Linksys, kind of confusing!

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Hey Hey Hey....

If you think someone may be using your network then you are sure your network is not secure.

make sure you are using WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and change your network key at least once a month. If i really know my network is secure i wont be worried about intruders.

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My children (four) are only home periodically and that is the only time the network is broadcasting.  It's much easier to have security turned off when they land.  I usually average 4.5mbps download and for a while (actually the first time ever) last night it was like dial-up.  I noticed the modem was flashing like a large download was taking place.  Could have just been an anomaly, however, after I turned the network off everything was normal.  Watching for the neighbors tonight!

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using my network?  Thank You!

You can always just enable MAC filter and only allow your comp's mac on there.

Input this in your web browser to go to the setup. Default access password isAdmin. You need to change these. Then find the tab at the top that says MAC filter. You can also use this section to see if anyone is on it but you. Just hit the refresh mac list under this tab and normally it will just show your MAC address. If someone else is on it they will be shown as well. You then put in your MAC address and hit the "only allow this mac address" button. Simple as that, and unless they are really persistant nobody will get past this. :D Hope it made since. http://panasonic.co.jp/pcc/products/en/netwkcam/technic/rtr_setup/linksys_wrt54g.html this may help as well.

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