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after font install boot load - slow slow - help

Guest jeffwalker9999

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Guest jeffwalker9999

is there a reg modification i can do tyo fix boot load slow?

installed 20K ttf adobe open type & fon font files

and they do show up in word processors

but now boot time is slow slow slow - crawl

? any ideas to fix this ???

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jeffwalker9999 ;Is it possible you DLed some spyware with the new fonts.For my OS fonts I only use .fon but most browsers have to use ttf so I have to use tff for it..I checked my font file & the Courier New Bold is 300K by itself so I can't see why a 20K file would cause a slow down.Do you have Adobe Reader?I ask incase if you don't it might effect the adobe fonts & it might not.

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Guest jeffwalker9999

it was 200078 fonts

that got installed

and darn it boot time slow

abobe pfm fonts -w/ abobe font manager

true type fonts

open type fonts

font type fonts

they all show up in word processors

is there other than delete

a way to modify registry

so boot load is faster or other ideas ?

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jeffwalker9999;I have Windows ME.I use msconfig & remove what i don't want starting up from the start up tab.There is a run key somewhere in the registry that has the start up programs.Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete see if there anything there after you start up that you don't need to start up.And remove it from start up.These are pretty generic instructions you find a lot of places.

On the fonts I went to the Adobe site & found a couple of articles maybe they will help.



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