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I've been thinking.... (scary aint it!!)

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Why hasn't anyone come out with a CPU cooling system that combines the best

of water cooling with the latest in thermoelectrics.  The external pump/radiator would also contain a hefty thermoelectic panel that would effectively cool the water another 20-40deg.  This would be an OC'ers dream come true and would only add about $10.00 to the cost of the cooling system and for those who really want to see a CPU fry they could reverse the current on the thermo panel and raise the temperature 20-40 deg.  How cool would that be..... Now...if anyone out there knows of such a monster (remember...it must contain thermoelectric cooling as well as water jacket) please post the link.

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I think this isn't done commonly (in kits) because of potential condensation problems...

Well I thought of that too.....since we're going all out...a humidity sensor and temperature sensor control for this mess would be in order....but if you think about this...the whole thing could also include cooling for the chipset and **** lets stretch it...video as well.....would make for a wicked cooling system...and we know ppl will pay for it....look at alienware...thats just some green paint and cute alien creature....

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