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Tour of Microsoft's "MAC" lab


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And so their answer to keeping it cool is A/C, not water cooling. Hmmm...  ;)

and why not?

it's easier to lower ambient and let the normal fans do their work than to go and equip hundreds of comps with water cooling. if you did that i think the odds say that every day you would have at least one or two leakers. not to mention the fact that water cooling also relies on a low ambient temp for the radiator. water cooling is just more efficient at removing large amounts of heat quietly. but these are all stock machines, so they don't require special cooling.

(good air cooling works as well as water cooling. water cooling is just quieter and 13373R)

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resopalrabotnick yeah thats right

but the problem is cause CPU are heating so much its getting difficult to cool them

but i think things are about to change since manufacturers like Intel and amd mainly have realized that problem

and now are trying to get more power with less heat.

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You would think that with all their technology they could figure out how to build an A/C into the box with out the humidity problem! They can do everything else. Maybe they are not trying hard enough.  ;)

Maybe a special gamers box. People would pay for it and eventually they would be able to bring the price down.  :D

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it's not really the condensation that is the problem with an a/c box. the air gets cooled by the a/c. that raises the humidity of it to and past 100 % anything over 100% condenses on the a/c. once the humid air gets heated in the pc by the components the humidity drops. no condensation. (the only condensation occurs when you shut off the a/c and the cool parts inside the case get hit by warm humid outside air which will condense on them) i think the biggest problem with that is the noise level.

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I am sure that they are running a dehumidifier or some type of commercial grade HVAC system..  I mean there are special system that are used in server/data centers all over the world that cool rooms that have more server per square foot than this lab does..  Likewise in either situtation if the HVAC system goes down the temp in the room is going to sky rocket leading to hardware failure..

Here is some stuff on data center cooling:



I like this info:

Many of the closed-cabinet vertical racking systems we have seen are derived from bakery bread racks or industrial shelving. The shelves in such systems can block the convection flow of air resulting in extreme temperature conditions at the top. Muffin fans are typically used to push air out the top. None of the systems have redundant fans or any type of alarming for when the single fan fails. Even with fans, we have measured temperatures above 100

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