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Air Force One gets tagged


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Thats just funny. I mean cmon it says alot, if someone can get to the plane to tag it he could have put a bomb on it. Way to go secret service.  BTW it was confirmed as fake. SUCKS.

thats what makes me think that it is fake, because the secret service would know that he is there. they are not stupid, they would know once they hop that first fence.

another thing, if he would have gotten cough, he would have been shoot on seen. so why would anyone take that risk.

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that is the current one it look like.. a boeing 747.. but i guess it was proved fake..  Anyone have a link?

There are two 747's aka Airforce One.  However, that is really a misleading term.  Whichever plane the Pres is on is called Airforce One.  The other is Airforce Two......unless the Pres is on it....then it's Airforce One.  Does that make any sense?

In any event, there is NO WAY IN HELL that any Pinhead idiot like this can get that close to Airforce One.  It's the most closely guarded airplane in the world.  I would just like to know how they did the fake?

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"The pranksters responsible for the grainy, two-minute Web video — employed by a New York fashion company — revealed Friday how they pulled it off: a rented 747 in California painted to look almost exactly like Air Force One."

Full story here:


:haha: Thats so funny that the air force didn't even  know if it was a hoax because it looked so real.

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I read this post and then I heard it last night on coast to coast am for George Norie.

They said that it was made up as a prank. Said that a company rented a 747 and panted one side to look like the Aie Force One them made a vidio of the act. Then posted it on the internet.

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The secret Service does not protect the plane Air Force Security Police AKA Military Police are the one guarding the jet. Also when the AF1 was here on my installation (Barksdale AFB, La) They have a crap load of Security Forces guarding the jet. Also guarantee the Airmans that didn't caught that they where in a  big load of crap. They can get charged for Derelict of their Duty's, abandon the post etc. just the beginning if the video is true those guys are the S...T not for getting to flightline, just to vandalice the presidential jet. I would not say its priority number 1 just because the President wasn't there or wasn't schedule to aboardthe jet. Thats maybe the lack of security. If the President was schedule to flight I will pay them if they can get to the flight line with out the respective restricted area badge.

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