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New OC conroe benchmark

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Conroe is what Intel is calling the AMD killer for the desktop.. we will see if AMD's AM2 platform will answer back..

As far as being cooled.. everything should be air cooled from now on.. there has been a huge push to make is so that there will not be another prescott line of processors ever again.  The new trend is high power, low heat.

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Actually, Conroe may be that much better than P4s, in gaming there's not such an obvious difference and the 2 - 10% increase from going AM2 might often be able to close the gap or even surpass Conroe. Not to mention AMD on 65nm, which will bring higher clocks, cooler CPUs and bigger yields.

This year, computer hardware is going through some very interesting evolutions.

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i think amd m2 are gonna be very nice

amd 64bit processor has a superior design even as it is - moving the memory controller from the northbridge to the processor was a big step - thats pretty much what made the starting 64bit lineup perform that much better than its competitive intel processor

adding ddr2 and increasing the stock speeds even more will be a good step up for those processors

all in all, sometimes amd is ahead, sometimes intel is ahead - its a big game of catching up that will never stop - although, i still prefer amd :)

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AMD as been in the lead for quite some time in the desktop arena.  I personally would like to see Intel take the lead for a little bit even though I am an AMD supporter.  Competition drives innovation in the CPU market..

As far as the AM2 processor.. it isnt look like it is going to make a huge performance difference moving from ddr to ddr2.. tom's hardware ran a story on it a while back (using a proto processor)..http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/02/21/a_look_at_amds_socket_am2_platform/index.html  So.. Intel might take it for a little while.. then AMD will fire back with their new 65mn processor later this year (Q4ish).  All in all it looks good for the consumer in the long run!  As neither of these companies want to be number two.

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