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Nashville Star


Who do you think is best? Or other option  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think is best? Or other option

    • Chris Young
    • Matt Mason
    • Nicole Jamrose
    • Casey Rivers
    • cholla you're too much of a redneck & we don't listen to country music

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amc11890;Sort of but no one is as nasty to the contestants & they start with only 10 & eliminate them over several episodes.So the talen is better.The viewers do the voting.You can vote by phone if within 3 hours of the show or online at the link.I'm not sure how long you have to vote online I think a couple of days.

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I love Country. I just have a little one that takes up all of my time! You would no me if ya see me. I would be the one with a kid attached to my leg. I love it though. I did watch the first N.S.. I like it, just ready to jump in the bed when finished with everything else.

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paladin;Matt Mason would be my second choice.These are the 2 I picked from the start.

tommie gorman ;Nashville Star only compares to American Idol in that both have amatures trying for recording contracts.I have only watched 2 episodes of American Idol . It seemed more like they wanted someone to ridicule than put on good talent.

peepnklown ;Your just trying to jerk my chain.  :roll:

j3grizz;Just record it & watch it when you have time.I guess anyone on it will be putting out some CD's if their good anyway.

A singer that was on the second season I think Lance Miller didn't win but has a CD out.The only problem is it doesn't have the song he wrote for doing on Nashville Star.

A good song titled "Beers not Just for Breakfast Anymore"

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