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tommie gorman

How many people feel strongly about the USA, and what it stands for?  

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  1. 1. How many people feel strongly about the USA, and what it stands for?

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    • Not a tear
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hey mudman...there's is only on pic...and i don't see any mirror

Hi my puppy, how are you today? Is the sun hurtin yo eye's? I still got yer shades lol

Click each one to enlarge, top to bottom. After clicking the bottom pic , to enlarge, look at the center bottom of the screen , in the egg shaped skull mirror, and you'll see my poopsie's chestestes sayin " Hersheys".

haha, thanks coknuck, there's another reflection of her, and my leggs , who's gonna find em? actuall there's more than two, three at least.

AAR , they were setting up the wall when I had to leave, (wished I could have stayed, but had to get somewhere) Sunday I'm goin out there , and I'll take pics of the wall when they have it erected, and postem.

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tommie that was beautiful...  :cry:

Yanno momma T, I always said if you want patriotism: go visit a veterans hospital, and talk to folks. Every visit I make it makes me proud to just be in that building. It houses real hero's. I enjoy just walking around between my appointments. (as a patient on my yearly checkups.  :wink2:) I love those guys. And you won't find a more honest bunch.

OK, I'm done. But they are a great bunch, and they are all elite in my eyes.

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mudman...babe i still only see one pic in each post...but i did see ur huny's hershey chestestes

tommie another way to cet to talk to those vets (men and women) i go to my dad's old vfw post...i came to know those guys over the few years right before my dad passed away...what a great bunch... :) and i still get a scuttlebutt (it's a news paper) from the guys that were on the orion both with my dad and after...i haven't been to a reunion since tho...

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mudman...babe i still only see one pic in each post...but i did see ur huny's hershey chestestes


POOPSIE ! the pics are standing on top of each other . I wish I were there to hold your pretty little hand , and click on the shiny bikes for you, but I'm not,  so you gotta help me out here k?  :?:smitten:

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nice ewo...really enjoyed that...

i'm glad u found this topic...i was looking for a bit yesterday...then ran outta time...

for 911 we all need to observe a moment of silence...fly our flags...be proud to be in this nation...say a prayer for those that died that horrible day... and those that have died since in connection to what happened on 09/11/2001


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thanks roco...that's good to know  :smiley: can u even imagine what a tough day this is for some...all the families of the victims...what sorrow and anger they must feel...and they could put it all down if there were answers to unanswered questions and if the threats weren't continuing still today...

i spent about a half hour this morning explaining to my 6 yr old granddaughter what this day was about and what she might be hearing people say and what happened 6 yrs ago and in simple terms why...

way hard...she wants to know why someone would wanna hurt so many poeple...u shoulda seen how big her eyes got when i explained that thousands died that day...all for greed and power..."someone that's not the boss wants to be the boss i told her" (that's been an on going discussion since she came to live with me...at 3 she thought she was the boss...so she knows that battle well...and fully understood that concept)...

the school she's in, they discuss, in depth, world events even in 1st grade...so i wanted to give her a leg up...didn't realize how hard it would be to find the words for a little girl to understand...since even the adults don't even have the words or answers...ther IS no understanding...WOW!!

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Hi folks and Tdawnaz, I let you folks have your day of remembrance before replying , yes, I can share their grief, remember back in the 1940's Britain lost near on 1 million women and children, civilians during world war 2 ,and  every class at school had kids who had lost their dads or moms, we never spoke about it , it was just part of our lives , we didn't say we had a great weekend playing football with our dads or going to the park with mom, we had no fresh tropical fruit or candy till I was 10 years old , all food was rationed , petrol was unobtainable , still nobody I knew had a car anyway ,

Britains recovery didn't happen to the mid  60's ,

our remembrance takes place on the 11 hour of the 11 month, every year ,

the last few years we have accepted German attendance , as I think that is a great thing, as we all suffered together , no mater who was right or wrong at the time ,

but we still remember the the support that America gave to the UK in our hour of need , and as a child the free candy and chewing gum that the local based USAF guys gave us ,

BTW , my local Church still maintains the cemetery for American airmen ,and holds an annual  remembrance service , well I am a pagan but I go along out of respect for those young guys  that gave their lives for freedon ,

Duh and we naively thought that was the war to end all; wars ,?

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