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MAY 25, 2006 ~ Comet Warning


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HOUSTON, May 19 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Eric Julien, former military air traffic controller, twin engine jet pilot and former instructor at astronaut Patrick Baudry's Space Camp -- Discovery Shuttle flight -- Confirms His Prediction of a Giant Tsunami in the Atlantic on Upcoming May 25

. . .looks like Eric Julien has a new web site


and a forum, now

Sounds interesting forum , I might join next month  :o

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There are some pretty interesting posts in the SAVE LIVES IN MAY FORUM


". . .recently there has been a lot of federally funded construction going on in North Dakota. ND has 0 population growth, 650,000 people, yet they are building stores, huge parking lots, housing, wind farms, ethanol plants, identification chip manufacturing plants etc.. Most of the busineses are hardware stores, mega grocery stores, and electronics. We have such a small population here that it took them months to open the stores due to lack of employees. WHY would the federal government fund these projects unless they KNEW the population of this state would suddenly increase exponentially?"

  "In this instance, I have had contact with ..beings... that told me North dakota would become a refugee state largely dependent on wind energy."

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Anyway im in tx and i dont think it will hit tx if its in the satlantic and if it does im like 200 miles inland

Im in Austin Baby

so i'll b ok i'll be chilling at the pool with some friends a lil fire a few margaritas causae thats the day i get out of school

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