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Just upgraded (monetarily speaking) to Earthlink from RoadRunner. Now I can't...

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Wow. I get out of this is that you are tapping into your neighbors connection? Well, just stick with what you paied for.. Call your ISP and have them reset your modem. Or, Unplug your modem and router and wait 60 seconds. Then plug in your modem. After the lights are active, plug in your router...done

BTW- That is totally illegal you could go to jail.

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Oh snap! ~ And I naively thought that this person(s) had just set up an open wifi from the grace of his/her heart. How do you know if it is the case? That's another story, for another time... (Ahem, thank you Swimmer for the Thief Nabbed story [gulp])

I've called TWC whose op was in Canada. Hardwired my machine and he 'ran' a quick diagnostics: His evaluation: something wrong with my Airport Express. (I previously reconfigured my Airport with new ID from ISP and reset Password, lights went blinky blink Amber Amber Amber then Green...Voila! to no avail. Failed. No Service!

I'll unplug my modem and router again when done with work, wait a min or two (i did 5 mins. last time) and give it a whirl.

Meanwhile, thanks Rich, Tim, dlewis, and Swimmer for shedding some light on the situation. Food for thought.

~ MonkeeSee

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