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Gadgets for the Lazy


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Wired News has put together some Crazy Gadgets for the Lazy!!

The Pentagon has found the perfect way to demonstrate it's purely the thought that counts - 700 bugle emulators which sit in real bugles and play 'Taps' at military funerals. The Ceremonial Bugle is just one item in Wired's collection of Gadgets for the Lazy.

. . .which one do you want for your Birthday? ~ lol

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the bugle emulatore in my mind doesn't fit in with the rest of them, as it fulfills a function that in todays world can no longer be adequately perfored by humans.

(i know it could be, but let me explain)

it is not just war casualties that are afforded the honors of a funeral with military honors. there are a number of veterans, personnel that die on active duty (say a guy has a heart attack, accident etc.) and government dignitaries that can be afforded the honor. the units that perform these guards of varying sizes (the number of guns used in the salute for example can vary by rank/position) are reservists or veteran volunteers. there has been a case recently where a commander used non-veteran volunteers for the gun salute and this was nixed by the pentagon. (i can look up the details if anyone is interested, have a fair idea of where to find it). anyhow, these groups are stretched thin and therefore not all of them are able to supply a bugle player at all times. the decision to use the iBugle was therefore made because there was no real alternative. (afaik playing a bugle isn't the easiest thing in the world. tbh i would rather have a decent sounding recording played at my planting than some kid butchering his way through the piece. and at least the visual effect of the bugle is kept. noone stands there with a boom box playing taps.)

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I won't dis-agree with you botnick, but you forgot to mention the 80 year old VFW members trying to still blow the bugle ~ now that's funny!

. . .maybe, all the military branches should make it mandatory that every enlisted member needs to learn the art of blowing (the bugle) or start more active recruiting from all the thousands of wonderful HS bands around this great country!!

[i'm still tryin' to figure out the finger flipper ~ does it just sit on your dashboard w/ active sensors or somethin'? or do you keep it in your pants for added party favorites?]

I really like the 'Computer in Bed' setup, too!  . . .butttt, it's just not right, unless you're 'really' incapacitated. [it's bad enough, sitting in bed playing your game consul]

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