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Crystal Audio AC97 Onboard Sound


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What , if any, audio controller do you have listed inside device manager?

right-click on my computer/ select properties/select the hardware tab/ click the device manager button:

Are you familiar with installing drivers from there? If you are, I suggest you try the Win2000 audio drivers from the main site (if you haven't already). At 80.48KB, there won't be any special software included. It'll be just the drivers. Windows 2000 seems to be the closest OS to XP, so those set of drivers might be you best shot.

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thats the inf patch for your board, supposed to cover xp.


got it off that page. interestingly enough, it doesn't list crystal audio asa possible sound chipset. there are images you can look at, so you might want to crack the case and takea peek at what you have.

but do the inf patch first, that might help windoze detect the correct driver to use.

i'd be surprised if it doesn't have a matching one, it's just confused because it doesn't know what in tarnation it's dealing with.


:evil: :evil: :evil:

ok, great. just fragging great. it appears that it lists only two chipsets for driver dl, but the images to id the chipset /do/ contain the crystal et al.


as they say, rtfm.


that's a util that i guess will tell you what you have. i pray.

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mah man...........im not lacking ANY knowledge in the computer field.....well some.......i know what i am doing....if you are getting sick of this thread........leave.......im not trying to be mean, but i have been working on htis for 2 WEEKS!!! Get over it....

Thanks to the rest of you!!!!

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it's just driving me balmy that a fairly simple problem is aggravated by manufacturers not putting out updated drivers for xp if the hardware is more than a year old at the time, or even new hardware that relies on 3rd party drivers to run with xp. or having to run old drivers with xp etc.

i wish we could just get your problem fixed nd get on with it, instead of running into a problem every step of the way. did you check intel for a chipset installer for your chipset?

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I really think we should make a Sticky about all the posts, for the enxt user to come along and have the same problem!!!

Or leave it non-sticky and search for it as soon as someone arrives with the same problem.

resopalrabotnick : What?! No torture before quartering? Geez, so lame.

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