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Where are you from?


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I live in a place just 5 miles north of Liberty, home of Jesse James first Daylight Bank Robbery.

I had a bumper sticker that said that.....

Anyway, I'm from the friendly northeast. Connecticut to be more exact. I just live in Kentucky, I'm not from here. I don't drink city water unless it's boiled and I have all my original teeth.

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I was born in Athens, TEXAS and now reside in Terrell, TEXAS and

I'm just about as crazy as the folks here in the State Mental


Hey Cholla and Shug have you ever heard of a Jenny, as a kid I

stood on a stump.  Shug, I lived in Midland in 59-60.  Worked for

Eddie Chiles at the Western Co.  Handled a few explosives out at

the airport in those bomb bunkers.  I hated having to run off the

Tarantulas so I could unlock the door.

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indianapolis you could say, but really avon

Hey man i live in funcie i mean munice.. :haha: Indiana..i am origanaly from tennessee yes im a red neck hillbilly..Nashville that is..im not in to the goats  :haha: i like sheep better..goats are to tight.._)_)=========D when i drive down the road the sheep see me comin and back right up to the fence.. :haha:

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