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Hey massey,

Good topic. The computer is actually a complicated piece of equipment, technically-speaking. This said, I think it's good practice to NOT assume that people asking for help have clues about how certain things works. It's better to walkthrough them as if they are just getting on the computer for the first time. Obviously, condescending tones and implications should be avoided as you don't want to offend the person asking for help, or worse, create a flame-war. On the same token, you don't really want to be too complicated as to lose the person. But it's better to just answer what the person asks for and (if possible) provide some sort of simple explanation/description on terms that you think the person might not know.

Helping others is a good thing and you build healthy relationships with others that way. Something I find disappointing is when a person responds to a question by saying, "Google it" or "Use the search button". Why take the time to type that that useless crap when you can be more helpful and just give what the person needs? :)

Well put, we could all use a little more understanding of ones tech capabilities , Litterally by the language, and demeanor used to acquisition an answer.

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