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I saw someone was gonna do a faq thing. Well Here are a few ideas of mine. Copy and use what you want.


1. What are my advertisted speeds and how do I find out what they are.  Just run a download test here at testmy.net and read the results. There are other ways but that is the by far the easiest and quickest.

2. What is "cablenut" and "hijack this" and what do thoes do. Thoes are some "geek"toys and I strongly suggest new users leave them alone.

3. My connection speed seems slow now what??  First thing to consider. Are you hooked to the internet through your cable company? If so you have a cable connection. You are not the only one useing this connection. Others users "share" your connection with you. Your speeds may be faster at nite and slow in the day.  Second scan your computer for virus and spyware in safe mode. How do you do that. Ask in the forum. We will give you a step by step instructions to do so its really easy.

4. What is "tweaking my connecton". For new users Stay away from it. Do the scans for virus and such first. There are guides that can help you "tweak your connection" if you really think you must.

5. Before any "tweaking" consider this. Tweaking can be a long hard process to do . Is waiting a few extra seconds or minutes for the download to finish worth all the time and effort it will take to "tweak your connection". I personlly have seen others completley screw up there computer and have to erase there hardrive and reinstall windows xp. If you still want to try to "tweak" your computer or your connection there are help files here on testmy.net as well as ask in the forum.

6. I will never undestand this stuff I am not smart enough!  WRONG!!!!!  Most of us "geeks" did not learn this over nite. It took years of reading. Asking questons and learning. Alot of us are really not "book smart. We just had the desire to learn computers and got our degree from the school of hard knocks.

7.I have read and still do not undestand it. Ask the forums.

8. I want to ask in the forums but I feel to stupid. YOU ARE NOT STUPID!!  If you ask a question and you still dont understand ASK AGAIN!!  We will always do our best to help. If ANYONE makes fun of the question you ask I promise thoes that run this website will be all over that. As well as the other users. Makeing fun of someones question as geeks call it "flameing" will never be tolerated no way no shape no form no how.

When asking for help do your best to describe in detail the exact problem you have. Be honest and do your best. If you changed some settings on your computer and things are messed up TELL US!! No one will "flame" you for it. We will do our best to help you get your computer back to normal.

9. I asked a question and 2 diffrent people told me to do 2 diffrent things. Now what? That is gonna be up to you. There are diffrent ways to fix the same problem with your computer. Give it some thought and do what works best for you!!  What seems to be the easiest and quickest for you?

10. How do I know that the person helping me is right?  Thoes good people that run this site as well as alot of other users know there stuff. They do this for a living. They keep an eye on everything going on in the posts as well as the help that is being given. If they see anything that is just wrong or not right they will jump in and correct the help.

11. Virus and Trojans and Spyware and Adware. Why should I worry about it? First off Virus and Trojans and Spyware and Adware generally speaking are the same. They are stealing you some of  your connection speeds. Makeing your connection slower.

12. I am really not haveing problems with my computer but I still do not understand some things. Ask away!! 

13. I saw something in the forum or someone responded and I am offended!!  Consider that was not there intention. We can all say things at times that others may take wrong. No one wants to offend anyone on purpose.

14.Rember the help you ask for and the help you get is a "best guess" based on what you asked. We are not sitting in front of your computer. So do your bet to explaine the question the best way you can. Include what you have already tried to fix it.

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1) Test will only state what is average for provider. It depends what package you have paid for.

8)State that you are not knowledgeable at the beginning of your post, so the others will know how to properly answer you. And visa versa, state that you are knowledge if you are.

15)When posting your speeds, please state your advertised speeds. This saves a lot of questions by the members. Meaning the speeds that you pay your provider for. And also your connection type, DSL,cable, satelite, wifi, T-1 2 or 3.etc...

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not bad massey ~

(clean up a few typo's and add something about using our Search features, like the new Google one we have now, and I think you've got a great Help FAQs)

. . .sometimes, even some of us 'geeks' can forget some of these simple guidelines ~ thanks!

just remember when posting, never respond w/ stuff like this;

Everyone is entitled to be stupid but you're abusing the privilege.

I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public, again.

I would engage you in a battle of wits but I refuse to duel with an unarmed person.

On a scale between one to ten, you're an idiot!

If things get any worse, I'll have to ask you to stop helping me. ~ lol

and never use the ol' Chuck Norris

"'When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you."  :haha:

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