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Destroy (test LOL) this box !?


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I am thinking of using one of my old computers as a test box - i will install various o/s on it and set it up as a server (php, mail, sql.....) - the purpose of this is so that I can for one learn more about how stuff works and so that I can learn more about protecting a network - once it is all up and running I will give out my IP address to a select group of people that will test its holes/weak spots - and perhaps help me manage it succesfuly (vnc and such).....

would anyone be interested ?

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your ISP is not going to look fondly on this one.. In fact unless it is a dedicated line anyone who "Hacks" the box could risk criminal prosecution from the ISP and you could loose your internet connection.. My suggestion get some of your computer buddies and set up a lan.. then have a war game!  That is where the fun it..

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