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Ozone levels recovering


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While I can offer no proof. No links or anything I would almost swear I saw an article on this very topic. I believe scientist had said that the ozone did the same thing before. Got really bad then healed itself. Mother nature as it were does do a pretty good job of self healing. Another odd fact I found out. That while some scream about the cutting down of trees ( I leave the rain forest out )  They say that just as many trees have been planted. I guess what it boils down to is they can freak us out about everything and they hesitate to tell the entire story. Some will try to freak us out by screaming the just cut down 10 thousand acres of trees. They forget to say that 11 thousand trees were planted to help replace those cut down. Have a nice day.....

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I think the problem resides with the realtively short amount of time science has been 'studying' the earth.  The computer simulations they use are generally flawed, and therefore their theories are usually unsound.

In addition scientist propose theories, and that is all they are, in the hope this will create additional research - whilst justifying the commercial sponsorship of their own studies.

It is now thought that more mature trees use up oxygen link.  However this does not take into account the many vines, fungi etc that live off them.

I think it will take mankind many thousands of years to fully understand the ecology of earth, and I just hope we don't destroy it before we have.

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NASA is reporting that researchers have discovered thunderstorms above Tibet offer a direct path for water vapor and chemicals to move from the lower atmosphere to the stratosphere.

From the article: ' Learning how water vapor reaches the stratosphere can help improve climate prediction models. Similarly, understanding the pathways that ozone-depleting chemicals can take to reach the stratosphere is essential for understanding future threats to the ozone layer, which shields Earth from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.'

{by the way, I've helped in raising, transplanting and packaging millions of seedlings for the Weyerhauser Tree Farms here in Washington. [Weyerhauser does a little trick with the seedlings, after year two they freeze them and when they replant them again, they grow twice as fast! amazing, huh!] I also believe Weyerhauser has planted twice as many trees as they have harvested.} ~ plant trees, it's a breeze!

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Healthy grass provides feeding ground for birds, who find it a rich

  source of insects, worms, and other food. Thick grass prevents soil

  erosion, filters contaminants from rainwater, and absorbs many types

  of airborne pollutants, like dust and soot. Grass is also highly

  efficient at converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, a process that helps

  clean the air.

3. Mow high, often, and with sharp blades


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