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Anyone with real computer skills to help me please do

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i called them to see if they can fix the problem and they said they will and came the following day and said everything looks fine and the cables and lines are fine as well. They said it might be time for a new modem, but i have had this modem for like 5 months. He didnt charge me anything and saifd call again if you need any help and that there was nothing he could do to fix my service. :evil3: im gonna turn midevil now

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I got on with Live Chat (Comcast) today - after I did the speed test here (I don't know whether love you guys or hate you - I thought everthing was OK, till I came here)  and the guy - steve - after I told him about my speed - told me I was being sarcastic and ended our live chat session, can you imagin that!  All I did was ask if they ever read their own forums - alot of people complaining about bad speed times.  anyway, mine are the worst!! I posted in Comcast Forum here . . . if anyone has any ideas, let me know?

                                                                            - depressed, and no-ware to go!

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