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Cooling system failed and harddrive has S.M.A.R.T. alert

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60C is very hot for a processor. Get some fans in there right away.

60c is very hot for a processor, infact everything is very hot in there. I'm thinkin he just needs a exhaust fan and then he should be good to go. but if he does already have one, then something else is going very wrong in that pc.

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okay i don't get it; why is it so high? When I bought this PC, the guy said it had liquid cooling or something; i thought it was supposed to be very easy to cool it down.


It says in the manual it has liquid cooling and so it doesn't use a fan. Btw the model is VGCRC110G

well obviously the liquid cooling is not working, eather something is broken, or its just very ineffective, i would call Sony and tell them those tempters because it should not be like that at all.

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it isnt true liquid cooling..  it is passive cooling with a heat pipe that runs a passive heat sink to the rear of the case I guess..  From what I have seen the max for the Intel D830 is 69.8* C..  I would suggest getting some cooling either by removing the side of the computer for a bit or installing a few fans.. that should improve the temps inside.. Also you might want to clean out the case and make sure that there isnt any dust bunnies making a home in the bottom of the case.

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