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Politicians Target Social Sites For Restrictions


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What do you expect these politicians to do,

something worth while?

We have budgets busting the income of the government,

we are gushing in debt.

We have 2 wars which aren't close to being over.

We have looming social security problems and even worse

is the pending Medicare problem

(slated to go bankrupt in only 10 years!).

Yet, our worthless,

and i mean worthless in every meaning of the word,

politicans are more worried about restricting myspace.

Maybe they should starting thinking of the children's FUTURE,

being able to have a country.

Politicians are looking for reasons to convince citizens to vote in November, and polls say suburban parents are worried about the internet. Wednesday top House Republicans announced a bill to make 'social' Web sites unreachable from schools and libraries. The bill is intended to go after MySpace, but the actual text of the legislation covers sites that let users 'create profiles' and have a 'forum' for conversations.

Yes, teenagers are the great misunderstood masses (we've all been there). Their problems are hard for them to deal with because the shine of them being little kids has worn off and their parents and other adults won't take them seriously.

And kids have been trying to talk about their problems in social groups forever. Now they have a place to do it that allows teens from far and away to share their feelings and try to make sense of their world, and maybe just maybe form some kind of lasting connection that will help them later in life.

Can't have that.

Listen, there have been sexual predators out for kids as long as all this has been going on. Does anyone honestly think locking down MySpace is going to make them go away? They'll just go back to cruising the streets or hanging out around arcades, movie theatres, and convenience stores. If a sexual predator wants something, he/she will find a way, Internet or no.

I think if we were better parents, talked to our teens, treated them like people and not possessions, we wouldn't have to worry about them hanging out in social networks. They might actually be able to take care of themselves. One thing I know: Congress can't run the country, let alone raise my children.

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