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Water Power ? ? ? ?


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        :?:  I'm not 100% sure I quite believe this !!!!!    :?:

This was on Fox News. It is a method using electrolysis to convert water

(H20) to Hyrdogen (HHO) then running a car with it. 3 ozs of water in a Ford

Escort for 100 miles! Watch the video!

I bet the oil companies whack this guy before it ever gets out of the lab.


:?::?: :?::?: :?:

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big deal. the important point is: where does the electricity to perform the electrolysis come from? fossil fuels? nukes? solar? wind? other renewable?

if you use power from fossil fuel, you're simply polluting somewhere else. if you're using power from nukes, well, at least you're not really polluting right now, although the storage of the remnants of the nukes is a problem. renewable? good on yer.

don't forget that you need the power to run the electrolysis and the power to compress or even liquify the gas, the infrastructure to distribute it and the pressure or heavier metal hydride tanks in the cars.

i'll grant you "and all the exhaust is is water vapor" is a great treehugger line, but you have to look at the bottom line of the whole energy input/output.

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After watching the video again and reading what I can about the gas produced - all I can say is WOW !!

That gas; when in a torch, producing temps from the 200's to 10,000+ degrees.  That gizmo is the Pot Of Gold at the end of the Rainbow for all sorts of illegal activities : safe cracking, cutting thru all sorts of locking devices, etc.  That flame catalizing with what its touching to cut, fuse, whatever.  Looks Amazing !!!!

Might have to get one and go into the safe cracking business - only as a hobby tho !!!!

:haha: :haha: :haha:

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