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Light's Most Exotic Trick Yet: So Fast it Goes ... Backwards?


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Very interesting.I would like to see the effect of running the faster negative light through different color spectrum laser lenses & see the effect magnetic & sound waves applied at the same time have on it.Maybe even add a little applied radioactivity to the mix.

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tommie gorman ;I guess you read the link in ROM-DOS's post.The light that went faster than the speed of light through the fiber optics was negative.

I'm sure there is somebody studying what I put after.I haven't seen much on it.

But lets take light positive at regular light speed.A laser lense alters the light to a specific spectrum of color or frequency of light.Red is the most common but not the only one.I would like to see more on shifting the spectrum for the effects or even combinig the light from two laser lenses of different spectrum into one lense.Then further altering the frequency by appling sound waves to the lense or laser beam to see the effect this has on what the beam does.For instance does it cut metal better;produce antigravity.a transport beam, or cure cancer.Then to alter it further apply a strong magnetic force to the laser beam to see how this effects it. I'm not sure how to apply radioactivity maybe add an xray beam to the laser beam.

So no not a load of smoke.

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