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Keeping IP with router reset?

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Is there anyway I can keep the same IP when I restart my router (but not restart the SBC dsl modem)?  I have a netgear router that occassionally needs a restart, and when it does I loose my IP.  If it stays on, it never changes....

Is there something I can change on the 5100 to prevent it from getting me a new IP?

The router is setup with pppoe on computer.

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Look at This


it worked for my friend did not work 4 me

y i don't know??

Btw u might want to install the sbc support thing i case u really mess up the settings and cant surf, they will set everything back to an ok stage

y do u need the same ip?

hosting a server or something?

if you are look into no-ip.com

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doubt it.. when you use pppoe you are basically establishing a connection like 56k.. your ip will never change until you disconnect.. The only way that I can think of is to see if you ISP offers static IPs, which cost $$, for the dsl service that you are on.  Otherwise try not to reset your router..

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in fact since they charge for static ip service they will avoid giving you the same ip when you reconnect. also you will probably see a disconnect once every 24h or so just to get your ip changed. if you require a way to keep track of your ip to log on remotely there are several services out there that offer a dns service for dynamic ips.

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The biggest thing would be if your service provider has a system set up to remember your IP address by MAC address. If it does, then you aren't likely to lose your IP from a router restart.

For a long term solution, you can have your service provider give you a static IP but it can be expensive (anywhere from 5 bucks or up to a business plan). It depends on how your provider does thir billing. Can't hurt to ask.

Are you running a home server? Is that why you want to know?

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