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A guide to a better SIG - Signatures made with GiMP


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Guide written by S7R1D3R

Ok hello everyone I am S7R1D3R, and I am here to show you how to make a decent sig, well here we go:

1. Download The Gimp, 100% Free, install it.

http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html remember to also download the GTK + Runtime environment, necessary for The Gimp to run.

2. Choose a render, you can get them from these websites:




3. Font, you can get fonts from:


*installation instructions: extract to "C:WINDOWSFonts

4. Brushes, the most important thing:


*installation instructions: extract to "C:Program FilesGIMP-2.0sharegimp2.0brushes"

---------------S7R1D3R's Sig Guide Overview------------------

This is a guide for making a custom sig with The Gimp 2.0, The GiMP is a freeware program that is like a substitution for Photoshop, because Photoshop isn't free. All credit for this guide goes to S7R1D3R, saying that you made this guide is just plain wrong, well now that you have all the materials necessary let's begin.

---------------S7R1D3R's Sig Guide-----------------

First make a new page with the size of 400x125 as shown below:


Next step, select the paintbrush option and select your custom brush (to access your brushes go to File>Dialogs>Brushes):



Now the next thing you want to do is paint your new image with your custom brushes until you feel comfortable with it, remember to paint it black.



Now, make a new layer named Pasted Layer or something like that, with the same dimensions as your Background(to make a new layer go to Layer>NewLayer):



Next, we need a render, open a render that you saved from the sites listed above (File>Open):


Now select your render and open it, next we want to resize the image so it can fit nicely into the Sig you are making, (Image>Scale Image):


ONLY RESIZE THE HEIGHT to 200 leave the width alone, the width will automatically configure:


Now that it is smaller you want to copy it and paste it into your Sig:



remember to paste it into your Pasted Layer. move it around a bit till you get the perfect spot, remember to leave space for your name


Next go back to your Background Layer, once your background layer is selected Color balance it (Tools>Color Tools> Color Balance):


Now move around the settings until you get the color you want:


Ok now your Sig should look like this:


Now select your paintbrush and paint again on the background layer until you get it just right (you can paint this one with whatever color you want):


Now Click on Text and use a custom font to write whatever you want:


Next position your text by selecting your Move Tool:


Now your sig should look something like this:


Now select your pasted layer and change the mode because you dont want your picture to stand out you want it to blend in (different modes for different pitures):


Now your sig looks looks a little like this:


Now time to save the Sig, (FIle>SaveAs):


Now follow these steps: name it whatever you want and save as JPEG format, then just click save:


Then this will pop up: Just click Export and then click OK


Then your Sig will look like this:


Now you have your perfect Sig

------------------S7R1D3R's Sig Guide Credits------------------

Everything on here was put together by me, S7R1D3R, but there are people I would personally like to thank.

Special Thanks to:

ROM-DOS for making it all happen,

to everyone I have made sigs for supporting me,

and of course the best place to be: www.testmy.net

Created on May 15, 2006

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