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I just started getting this on start ups wextract_cleanup0. When I Googled it some say its a M$ program and its all right. Others say its no good don't let it install. I was just wondering if any one has come across this. Spybot S&D teatimer is the one that keeps asking me to allow or denie. Any help would be appreciated.

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coknuck : I googled it since I haven't seen it on my OS.It seems to be OK.It should be a RunOnce program that cleans up some leftovers from installations.I read more but this is some of what I found below


Alot of people are wondering what it is.  It's always been a small invisible program belonging to Windows and is exactly what it says it is, a clean up program.  You are only noticing it now because of the spyware scanning procedures, especially when using Webroot Spy Sweeper or other spyware software that does a deep clean search.  Programs that require a reboot need access to files extracted from archives before Windows reloads.  This command loads the routine to clean up what is left in the temporary system files.  It's part of your operating system so when asked if you want to delete it or keep it, click on KEEP IT.

Wextract Cleanup0 is valid and legal software included or sold to help clean up temporary or cab files created by the installer software for a wide variety of software.

You get a message at the end of an install. Reboot, then it runs just for the purpose of cleaning up all the debris left over from an install session. It is designed to self destruct after this work is done.

So when it is still around, something went rong... because it is supposed to be gone after you reboot.

wextract.exe is a small program built into Windows which can extract those little .cab (zip-files Microsoft style) files. This is probably a left-over from an installation of an application, in which wextract tries to clean up any temp-files needed for the installation. This alert you are getting, can be ignored, there seem to be more spyware-removers that think wextract.exe is a spyware, probably because it has algorythms similar to a 'real' spyware.

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