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Some Upgrades...


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Alright so this summer (or now) i wanna upgrade some stuff on my computer, if you wanna call it upgrading, would you guys tell me what you think about them or any other suggestions

i want/need a new PSU

i was looking at this one


and i would like to get a new case as the Dell one i have no is really crammed with 4hds in it and such

i like x_6985381 idea so i think imma steal his and get this case if it is good


as it looks it has good airflow

does that support 4hds?

    * Chassis material: 0.7mm SECC Steel

    * Mainboard Form Factor: ATX (12.50

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so it wont fit at all with the case?

do you know of any places that i can find a case that would fit a dell?

no it wont fit unless you basically cut the whole back half off the case and the mounting rack as well. i don't think anyone makes any cases that will fit a dell motherboard.

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i love the layout of the case honestly, and the price only cost me 47 with 3 day shipping, thats a great price for all the fans and what not that come with it. i think it was a great buy. and i hope you use it! thanks for stealing it :P anyways

why not upgrade your motherboard? i mean stock boards are nice

but support only a limited ammount of features.

unlike the custom boards that can be tweaked. just a thought

-    Jake.

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A new motherboard would be fine, make sure you get one for what you want though, because i bought one once for multitasking and it was only built for gaming, i sent it back got my money back, pretty sad how boards can be made only for certin things, just remeber that

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go for a powersupply with a incase fan, to suck in the heat from the cpu, i just bought a maddog 550 Watt SLI ready power supply, and i cant hear it even when it auto speeds to a higher level of fan power. and its giving me even power supply through out the board, just a thought, and it really wasnt exspensive only $109

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if you are going to overclock i would go with a DFI board. i have haven't overclocked my computer yet but i got a DFI because i heard thats what they are great at. as for the processor depends if you want dual core or not but socket 939 like richcornucopia said would be good.

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