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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~ Content Notice ~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please note, in this section profanity (in good taste and usually only in good humor) are allowed because it's out of the general publics eye.  Viewing this section of testmy.net as with any section of testmy.net is at your own risk per our terms of use seen in our legal section.  By visiting this restricted section of testmy.net you are acknowledging that you are of age to view such content according to any local laws.  If you are too young or don't wish to see edgy laid-back content then please direct yourself to our many other sections of testmy.net where this content is not allowed  (all sections of testmy.net besides the members only board are clean family content only).  If you do not agree with our terms and conditions then you need to leave because you will be in violation of the terms of use.  [b]NUDITY IS NOT ALLOWED[/b], but adult humor is allowed


Purpose of this board

This section is not to be used to take over the other sections of the forum.  This section is for chat only.

Please note that this section of our forum is in a trial run at the moment, it may or may not continue as a permanent fixture of testmy.net.  We had some suggestions that we make a section where our more loyal visitors can come and talk out of the general publics eye.  We currently have about 275 members that are eligible to access this section, so if your able to read this you are in the 1% of our visitors that have earned the right to see this section.  :)

As I said before, I don't want this section to take over the other forums... please know that by posting in the publically viewable sections of the site you are helping the growth of testmy.net.  The more content that the site has the more popular it will become, so please use this section to chat with our other users that enjoy the site as much as you do but please continue your help in the other boards. 

It's you.. the top 1% of our posters that keep the engine of this site oiled and as always I thank you for your support and help, if you have any suggestions please send them my way.  Any of you that have been here long enough know that I completely listen to my users suggestions and I'm very quick to implement them... so thank you all that have given suggestions that have made it to the public eye.  And please keep them coming, my ears are always open to new ideas.

Happy Chatting!

- Damon Mueller

- testmy.net owner/admin

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