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'Wings' to carry paratroopers 200km


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'Wings' to carry paratroopers 200km

A new military parachute system which fits wings on soldiers could enable them to travel to 200 kilometres after jumping, Jane's Defence Weekly reports.

The system, which involves the development of new modular carbon-fibre wings, will mean that aircraft can drop parachutists from 9,150 metres into an area of operations without flying into a danger zone.

. . .due to finish by the end of 2006, with the entire parachute and wings combination expected to be available during 2007. 

"The system is reportedly 100 per cent silent and extremely difficult to track by air on ground-based radar systems."

Jane's Defence Weekly reports that the next stage of the development will utilise small turbo-jet drives, as used on unmanned aerial vehicles, allowing jumpers to be carried longer distances without jumping from such extreme heights.


:thumbsup:  Way Cool!!

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A buddy of mine was a jumper in Italy, he would probably have jumped up and down in his boots over that one.

The only problem with that one would be knowing where you were going to land at night. At least in the plane, they have equipment to see where you are going to land if everything goes right.

Otherwise way cool.  :thumbsup:

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don't think the landing part would be that much of a problem. they aren't going to land gliding with the wings. they will land using the parachute. that way they only need to navigate by gps to the preplanned dropzone and pop the 'chute to float in. that way tyhey wouldn't need to clear terrain, the dz would be planned to be in a clear enough area. and if a storm whips up you get an even worse fiasko of people missing their dropzones completely than the normandy invasion. they would be spread out so far they would even miss the right country...

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Well I guess my friends worst, and now funniest story.

He was jumping at nightand landed ok, but his chute got a little tangled. So he was quietly calling for help (paratroopers are supposed to be tough ), and all of a sudden a large gust of wind came up and started dragging him.

Well all of a sudden he heard himself yelling like a baby, H E L P.  :laughing7:

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