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For people that have used it:

How can I change the contents of certain windows dialog boxes for good....every time i change it (for example the system properties dialog box) - the change stays there for few sec. and than it reverts back to its original state....its really getting on my nerves

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okay - i finally made it - took me a long time to go through several of my books and figure out what has to be changed.....

note: (if anyone attempts this)

1) Disable windows file protection

2) Don't forget to update the file protection file with the one that actually works (...talking about this file: SFC_OS.DLL)

3) When you make a change in system32 folder, make a change in dllcahe folder as well - without that, it will just keep comming back to its original contents

4) Edit files in safe mode

example of what you can do:

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Yea, I've had some fun messing with Windows files.  Even basic things like changing the start button text... lol.  Also making custom boot screens, logon screens, removing ads from programs...

Which file is that, btw?

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